Monday, October 25, 2004

Sensory Integration Safety

By Kay Green Copyright 2004

Child safety has always been a passion of mine. I am mom to 4 great kids. Our youngest daughter (adopted at birth) has always been a bit of a wanderer and given me a few more grey hairs. I have been even more diligent about making sure she ALWAYS is wearing a physical ID product every day.

SID - Sensory Integration Disorder My 4 1/2 yr old daughter Haley has recently been diagnosis with SID. This diagnosis was an answer to so many questions we have had about her - why she needed to be touched to sleep - why she would not eat certain foods - why she was always moving. This diagnosis has so many facets and looks differently for all children but mostly they either crave sensory input or avoid it. Their brain system to handle sensory information works differently than for other people.

Infancy - As a result Haley has tightly bonded to me as an infant. She solved all stressful situations by nursing. She wanted to be held at all times (mostly in a
baby sling ). She cried if anyone else held her. She required one of us to be holding or touching her at all times in order to sleep. And she slept very little (30 minute naps). She needed the physical touch in order to sooth down to sleep.

Toddler - As a toddler she was constantly on the move. She is afraid of nothing. She is always looking to climb higher, jump taller, run faster, sing louder. So when we are out of the house there is always the worry that she will wander away. Her
ID bracelet with my cell number and phone number in it, give me some peace of mind. When she was tiny I could keep her in a cart. As she is getting bigger that is harder. She loved toys that gave her sensory feedback like TAGGIES.

Preschool - As a preschooler now, she is also sometimes without me: at school, church, a friends. I want to be sure if she should wander away from someone else she is protected. So she wears an ID bracelet (even when swimming) and has
ID stickers in her shoes. I have taught her that if mom is lost to find another mommy and give them her shoe to call me. I also make sure if anyone else is caring for her they have a signed medical release card that explains her SID diagnosis and needs plus her doctors number.

SID - Sensory Integration Disorder is many times mis-diagnosed as ADHD. And while most ADHD kids also have SID not all SID kids are ADHD. SID can also be associated with Autism and Aspersers and other disorders. However SID can be the single diagnosis for a child, like Haley. It is suggested that roughly 25% of all kids have some form of SID but most are mild enough they function within it.

Therapy for her includes meeting with an occupational therapist weekly to give her tools to regulate her system. ...........................

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J Bailey said...

Thank you for sharing such an informative article! This article helps me understand many of the trials I faced in the process of raising one of my boys. His actual diagnosis was ADHD. Of course now I wonder how many of his daily challenges were actually related to SID.

J Bailey (a.k.a. "Cricket")