Sunday, February 06, 2005

Safe Sensory Toys Help Kids!

By Kay Green Copyright 2005

SENSORY INTEGRATION - My youngest child was recently diagnosed with Sensory Integration disorder. And my third child was a kinesthetic learner child. So over the course of time I have founds toys and activities that sensory and kinesthetic children love. I wanted to give my children toys that were safe but gave them sensory input.

TAGGIES BLANKET- Taggies produce a wonderful line of blankies, toys and books with a sensory feel. Taggies have tags of satin ribbon sew in folds all around the edges. Babies love to rub these satin tags between their fingers and on their face. The fleece of the blankets are soft and comfortable. The 12x12 Taggie Small makes a perfect travel companion for babies and toddlers.

TAGGIES TOYS - Taggies also make a Take-a-long toy with the same fleece and tags. It hooks easily to the car seat or stroller to take with you. The newest Taggies product is the I Love You Book with tags sewn on the edges. I love to take these with me in the car seat and stroller. Sensory kids love to have a familiar item they can count on when going to new places. It gives them a calm feeling.

BABY RATTLES - Discovery Toys carries a line of safe sensory rattles that your babies will love. These are the highest quality safe toys your children will love. My favorite is the rain stick rattle. It is filled with bright colored beads the fall up and down the stick making a soothing sounds. I needed to have a good variety of these kinds of rattles and baby toys so I could swap them in and out of our bag keeping her interested.

SHOPPING CART COVERS - Shopping carts present a new challenge for sensory kids. They want to experience everything, and most through their mouth. I always worried if the last child in that seat was ill or well? And have you ever had a diaper leak in the cart UGH So I found a great shopping cart cover that not only protects my child but also gives them a sensory delight with attached toys and fabrics that make a great crinkle noise that my baby loves.

GAME BOY - As Haley has gotten to preschool age I was looking for a take a long toy that gives her sensory input. ......................................

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