Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Call me Mama

Call me Mama
By Kay Green,
Copyright 2005

I have always known I was meant to be a mom. As soon as I was big enough to pack a baby on my hip I borrowed babies anywhere I could find. At age 10 I started baby sitting. I cared for my niece and god-daughter whenever possible. At age 23 my husband and I had our first child. That beautiful baby girl made be know even more that I was destined by God to be a mother. Oh the joy of holding that precious bundle.

I was also blessed to attend the birth of 7 other precious babies over the years. Those children even though not birthed by me, became special children in my life. What a gift to be able to be present as new life emerges from within. The marvel of what God has created in us, through us.

God blessed us with 2 more children (a boy then a girl) in the next 5 years. I delighted in loving them, training them, teaching them, investing in these precious lives. MY precious husband continues to give me so much help and support in being the parents our children need. I LOVE being a mother. And my three precious children have taught me so much about love and joy.

Twelve years after the birth of our 3rd child we adopted a new born. That baby girl taught me even more about mothering. I learned that mothering is not about blood tie but about heart tie. I learned that I could breastfeed an adopted daughter in the same way I nursed my birth children. I learned that through prayer and careful watching I had the insight on how to parent this child, who was so different than my other three.

I learned that I can be an advocate to get the medical help needed for my child. I knew this child had an issue I could not put my finger on. I was certain something was out of alignment for her. I prayed and watched and pressed for information. I finally asked my doctor for testing to rule out some sensory issues. That testing brought the key to this child that I had been looking for. Through the process we gained so much wisdom and tools for being even better parents to this precious child.

I thank God everyday for the privilege of being mama to 4 incredible individuals. And I thank God for a husband who treats me with such respect and support. My family has given me so much joy and love in life. They have taught me things about myself. They have stretched me and caused me to reach farther than I knew possible. They have challenged and encouraged me. I am the person I am today because of these 4 people who call me Mama.

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