Thursday, May 17, 2007


What a surprise. I got orders yesterday for our TEDDY BEAR CHILD LOCATOR. It seems that it was used in a case on CSI MIAMI on Monday night. As a small online business it is always exciting when our products reach TV.

We had the opportunity for our TABLE TOPPER TO GO to be seen on the TODAY SHOW earlier this year. They showed the products that save moms time. And they even showed our web site URL.

From there the RACHEL RAY SHOW contacted us to send them a couple products. We sent our amazing CHORE CHART. The products did not make it on air as the whole segment was cut for time constraints. Put they did put out link on their site recommending the products.

Well it has been an exciting week for sure!

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Rex said...

This seems like a great idea for a product. Sometimes people lament the good old days being gone, but this is something that we could have all used.