Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Products in 2007

NEW PRODUCTS in 2007 at

Baby Monitor by Algel Alert

Baby Scale

Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover

Door Stop Alarm by GE

Home Safety Kit

Internet Safety DVD


Key Pad Door Alarm by GE

Kid Escape DVD - Child Abduction Prevention

Nursing Cover by Bebe Aulait

Outlet Cover

Personalized Dog Tags

Radian 65 Car Seat

Radian 80 Car Seat

Radian Car Seat Bag

Clean Shopper Shopping Cart Cover

Baby Sleep Positioner

Surge Protector Cover

Swaddle Blanket by Swaddlease

Temporary Tattoos With a Purpose

Toddler Travel Air Bed

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Kay!

Nice list of product recommendations. I just got the Radian 80 a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I thought with the steel frame it would be too heavy to carry about even with the backpack feature, but it is working out great. My nephew won't give it up now and hates his "other" car seat. In fact, last night we went to the drive-in and he was getting tired so he climbed up to get into the car seat only he had gotten in his twin brother's car seat and instantly threw a fit, climbed out and climbed into his new car seat. I also love that it has so many features that it grows with the kids as they grow making it unnecessary to buy more than one car seat.