Thursday, December 04, 2008


Potty training a child has got to be one of the most difficult parenting tasks. Like with most other things associated with children, every child proves to be very different, whether it is due to personality, or maturity, potty training for even the parent who has done it multiple times can still end up being a struggle.

You may have heard that girls or easier or maybe just the opposite that boys potty train faster, no matter what you've heard once you begin to train your own child you'll begin o have opinions and stories of your own. Some stories you may be dieing to share or others which you wish had never happened to you.

No matter how difficult potty training may seem as you begin it and are going through it the truth is it is something that your child must do in their own time, and on their own schedule. It is like many other facets of life a learning process, maybe even as much for you as for them.

Try to be as understanding as you can with your child as they go through the process of potty training. Keeping your cool and your patience will make things go much more smoothly. Do not set your expectations too high from the beginning and you will be successful.

Also try to make the process fun for the both of you. Getting into the process and making it something you and your child can look forward to doing together rather than dreading on a daily basis. Then, before you know it they will be a happy independent potty goer.

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Alyssa Avant
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CanCan said...

I had an easy time potty training my son, so moms of boys, take heart!

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Great post and so true. I have potty-trained my oldest two. The next one I'll have to work with is my two year old son. In his own time, of course.