Friday, November 28, 2008

This is what I know about blogging...


1) content needs to be added on a regular schedule. Minimum is 3 times a week, more is better.

2) blog posts should be around 250 words per post. This is long enough to deliver your message, but short enough to keep people reading and interested..

3) break up your paragraphs with bulleted lists, bold words and headings. (Not every single paragraph, but where appropriate).

4) you MUST have a photo for every post. That said, use ONLY one photo per post unless you need more to illustrate your point or show how to do something (or if you're a photographer doing a photography blog).

5) use good photos. If you are not a photographer, use stock photos. (always keep a digital camera with you. You never know when something will pop up that is a perfect shot for your blog post)

6) keep your content focused. if your posts don't stay on track, you lose people. If you have something off topic to talk about, start another blog.

7) for the overall look of your blog, break up your space. Don't have one huge blank, white page with text on it. Use templates, as this will help with the layout.

8) make your "about me" section really personable. People feel more comfortable reading your blog if they feel like they are getting to know you. It establishes a connection with your readers.

9) when somebody comments, you should comment back on your blog, as well as in a direct email to the reader. This encourages repeat visitors.

10) have fun with your blog. if it becomes a chore, this will show up in your writing as well as your readership.

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blogomama said...

This was very helpful. As a new blogger, I found it helpful to get an unbiased perspective of where I'm at, right or wrong. Thanks!