Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips for The Expectant Mother

If you're a mom, then most likely you get excited when you have a friend or even an acquaintance to find out that they are expecting. More often than not, finding out that one is expecting leads to a conversation that includes lots of “know how”. You know what I mean everyone in the group seems to know more than each other about pregnancy, babies, and other related topics. Pretty soon the conversation sounds more like a list of tips for the expectant mother. And honestly, that may be good. As we could all use a few tips now and again right? Especially, when it comes to bringing a new baby into the world.

So, the following are a few tips for any expectant mother that you know, who knows it may even be you. They include:

1. You may have to change your diet. In fact, expect a change in your diet in some form or fashion while you're expecting. Either you will have to eat more frequently to prevent morning sickness or you will have to abstain from eating certain types of food to keep from getting ill, or you may have to eat more just to feel full, no matter what there is sure to be a change in your diet.

2. There are certain things you should avoid. These include: the kitty litter box, chemicals, alcohol, drugs, smoking, and fish with high levels of mercury. Some of these things seem like a given while others you may wonder about, regardless take the tips of others and avoid them.

3. Take a break. Pregnant women need frequent breaks as you will most likely experience more fatigue than you normally do when you're not with child. Taking a nap during pregnancy can do you much good.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Great tips- and I definitely think taking a break (and remembering to do so after baby arrives!) is so important!