Sunday, August 10, 2008

Safe Sippy

I have been reading more and more about the dangers of certain plastics for our kids. So as a mom and grandmother I went looking for a better solution to the plastic sippy cup. One of the moms in the new moms class I teach sent me a link to the SAFE SIPPY cup. I was impressed. So I called the company and spoke to the president about his product and ideas. I was even more excited then.

As a small company I am very careful about what products I carry. I like to bring in a sample and test every product before selling it. So now my 8 yr old daughter and 20 month old granddaughter both use the SAFE SIPPY. They are very happy with them.

We brought in the first 2 cases and were surprised when they sold out in 10 days. When we tried to order them we found the company was out of stock of the 16,000 they recently created. So we order KLEAN KANTEEN sippy cups in the mean time.

We are happy to say we now have both the Safe Sippy ( pink, blue or green) and the Klean Kanteen (silver, pink and blue - 12 oz, 18 oz, 27 oz) in stock online.

I personally like the SAFE SIPPY for the younger children. It has removable handles and a firm sippy straw shaped opening. It also has colorful silicone wrapper over the stainless steel.

I am finding the older kids really liek the KLEAN KANTEEN with the sports bottle top. They have a look the older kids seem to really like.

Which sippy water bottle would you child prefer?

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