Thursday, September 29, 2005

Life is busy and blessed

LIFE - Life in the Green family is busy and fun. I love having a home filled with children both large and small. The kids are all well. Russell & I are looking forward to a trip to Hawaii in November.

ENGAGEMENT - Our son Jordan ( 20) recently got engage to a wonderful young woman name Katie Looper. We could not be happier. She is a true treasure and welcome addition to our family. They plan on marrying this coming summer. You can view them at

SCHOOL BEGINS - Haley our 5 year old started Kindergarten this month as well. She is attending fulltime 5 days a week at Banks Christian Academy and loving it. Her sensory Integration Disorder is under control and she is doing very well. I love watching her begin the process of learning to read. She is sounding out letters where ever she finds them.

MISSIONS - Our 18 yr old daughter Allison completed a missions trip to Germany and Poland this summer. She fell is love with Europe and plans to return as soon as possible. She is in her second year at our Community College.

GRANDCHILDREN - We are praying and hoping to have grand children in the near future from our daughter Melissa and son-in-law Matthew. I love when we are all hope together now. I can just imagine the blessing of grand children.

BUSINESS - still keeps me busy. I love being able to help parents find peace of mind when they find safety products for their precious children. Our line of name stickers and allergy labels are a huge hit with this back to school season.
I wish you a blessed and healthy fall season. Enjoy your family and life!

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