Saturday, August 20, 2005

Awards for My Precious Kid

ADDING WISDOM AWARD - My Precious Kid is happy and excited to have its WEARABLE ID PACK win the adding wisdom award from Jodie Lynn of Parent to Parent. Scores as Disney wins too! It's no small potatoes! won the "2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award" created by Jodie Lynn and stands right up there with one of the major family fun players, has created a Wearable ID Safety Pack to keep kids safer at amusement parks and other outings.

"This is amazing news and we are thrilled beyond words to be an "Adding Wisdom Award" winner, just like The best sites and products really are found on ," says Kay Green, CEO/founder of .

" is committed to helping families keep their kids happy and safe while still being kids. Winning such a comparable award for our Wearable ID Product gives a huge boost to the company. We are honored to receive this award," says Green.

Jodie Lynn, family columnist, CEO of and author, Mommy-CEO says "I have worked with Kay of My Precious Kid in previous years and have enjoyed getting to know her and the importance of her ID items for kids. Her passion for this heartfelt endeavor is incredible. In fact, when a little girl was separated from her mom in one of the largest malls in America last year, she was quickly reunited when the security guard found one of Kay's ID bracelets on the 4-year-old. Need I say more?"

NEW PARENT GUIDE - also recently won the SEAL OF APPROVAL from the New Parent Guide. We are thrilled to continue to receive recognition as a great family friendly site. See our other awards at

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