Saturday, July 09, 2005

Summer Camp - Safety for your Kids Summer Camp

Summer Camp - Safety for your Kids Summer Camp
by Kay Green
Copyright 2005

SUMMER CAMP - Summer Camp brings activities, friends, fun and learning. My own children love attending summer camp. As a parent I worry about my kids at summer camp. Are you looking for peace of mind for your child who is going to summer camp?

KIDS SUMMER CAMP - Kids summer camp is a great learning experience. Every year our kids leave for summer camp. As a parent how can you have peace of mind while your children go to Kids Summer Camp - Summer Camp Safety Products

SUMMER CAMP - My children have enjoyed camp over the years. What kind of camps do your children enjoy?Church CampBoy Scout CampGirl Scout CampSport CampMusic Camp4H Camp

SAFETY AT CAMP - You want your child to stay safe at summer camp. There are several tips that will help them to stay safe.

ID Bracelets - wear one every day with home contact numbers on it
Luggage Tags - have all your luggage secured with luggage tags that give home contact information
Name Stickers - place them on all processions
Shoe Tags - Velcro tags or shoe stickers
First Aid Kit - carry one with you. Our small Boo-Boo Box
Allergy Labels - make your child's allergies known
Other Safety Products - lots to choose from

Teach your child the rules about camp
Wear ID ever day
Stay with a buddy
Follow the rules
Listen to the leaders
Report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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