Monday, December 15, 2008

7 Tips to Child Safety in the Holidays

In this business season we are out in public with our kids a lot. How can we make certain your children are safe and secure? What things can you do to feel at peace while shopping with your kids? As a mom of 4 I learned to teach them early what to do in scary situations.

1. Teach your child to wear an ID. Your child should wear a physical ID (ID Bracelet, Shoe ID Tag, Personalized Dog Tag) every time you go out. The ID should contain your cell phone number so if you are separated you can be reached

2. Teach your child "If Mommy is lost find another mommy with kids and show her your ID so she can call me

3. Teach them to stay put if you get separated. Wait with the mom they found in the location they lost you.

4. Teach them to be attentive. "What color is Mommy wearing today?"What is Mommy's other name?"

5. Play "What if?" Game - "What should you do IF Mommy is lost?"

6. Take a picture of your child with your cell phone as you start shopping. If a child is separated you want to provide a photo. Better yet carry a photo ID card of your child. Put an ID on your child's car seat too.

7. Keep all children under age 12 with you. Do not allow them to wonder away to look in different aisles while shopping. Where you go they should go. I teach my 8 yr old daughter to keep one hand on the cart.

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Valarie said...

Very informative! Everyone hates to think about if your child comes up missing. My little one is too small for most of these types, but I do like the child ID somewhere on the baby. I may have to invest in something like that. A couple of months ago, I donated over a 100 child ID kits for my childs daycare. We requested all parents (including me) to complete the child ID kit and keep on file at the daycare. And keep a copy for self as well.

Shannon said...

Hi! I just love your blog, it is simple and easy to read. Nice post about holiday safety tips. The bracelet, shoe ID/dog tag would be a great gift to parents with young children. I really can't imagine what it would feel like being accidentally separated from your kid during the holidays.

JEANNE said...

Those are awesome tips!!

A friend of mine taught her kids to find a cashier if they lost her in a store, and she even went as far as to test them - she pretended to be gone, and hid behind an aisle and followed them.

They did exactly as she had taught them - they wouldn't talk to anyone else until they found an employee at a cash register (at which point my friend "appeared" and said "Oh there you are!! I was looking all over for you!! etc etc.)

Kids can keep themselves safe, but not unless we teach them how.

paula said...

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ella said...

Amazing tips!
Any mother cannot think about the moment of missing her child. But she should be ready to face such a moment! These tips would be really helpful to overcome such situations.
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